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  • Is madLAD sentient? - An interview

    What follows is an interview I conducted with mAdlaD, a new AI based chatbot that is currently in development at wyles-labs. Due to technical limitations the interview consists of very few questions.

  • What I Read on Holiday

    I went on Holiday to Greece (it's nice) which is why I didn't update this website for a while. Here are some thoughts about the books I read on holiday. Some of them I even finished!

  • Super Booth 2022

    I went to superbooth, the world's premiere synthesizer expo. I arrived at 1pm, feeling pretty tired having been out till the early hours listening to electronic music in some distant sandy forest. Superbooth largely consists of tents blasing electronic music in a sandy forest. Such is life in Berlin.

  • Shaving Is Too Expensive. Also the world is out to get you

    Shaving is too expensive and is a demonstrative example of how most consumer products are designed to extract more money from you rather than to improve your life, or the world, or to be in any way remotely good.

  • Giro d'Italia 2022 - stage one

    The Giro d'Italia started today in Hungary (a province in Italy). The riders traveled from Budapest to Visegrád. This was an essentially flat and boring 195km stage, where all the action was predicted to, and did in fact, occur during the final climb to Visegrád castle.

  • How to attain power and influence

    Hi. A friend of mine asked me to write about networking. I'm not sure, but I think it was joke.

  • Six things I sort of believe about making music/art

    I've now been recording music at home for most of my life. I started at around 14. I would record things into audacity, sometimes with my friend Cameron, but more often by myself. I had no real idea of how to write, arrange, or record music. Besides a few covers I would mostly record incredibly abstruse 'experimental music'. I would make 'field recordings' then manually edit them and add random effects I could find until I got something that sounded good to me.  Here's an example (ignore that this was published in 2016, I recorded it way earlier).

  • Arnie films I've watched recently

    I've been watching a lot of Arnie films recently. Partially this is as body building inspiration and partially because I've realised that he is the greatest and most charismatic actor of all time.

  • Against moderation

    When people want to change themselves, their habits, their lifestyles, the approach they usually take is to moderate or attenuate existing behaviour. We take what we are already doing, gently change it in the way that seems the least disruptive and painful and hope that over time we will gradually reach our desired state. We might see that we are physically unfit, and start trying to walk more instead of driving. Or we might realise that we drink too much and decide to try cut down the amount of alcohol we consume.

  • Big on hacker news

    Last week I wrote a little article entitled “Maybe you should do less ‘work’”. I posted it on hacker news and it did numbers. An hour after posting it, it had one upvote. This was already a bigger success than anything else I’ve written. Then suddenly it was near the top of the homepage. And then it quickly blew through the limits of the analytics tool I use.