Changing how I use this blog

I recently failed in my attempts to review every book I read. I think partially this was caused by my going on holiday, but mainly it because the format I choose, of writing one big post about everything I read in a month, was painful to write. It was too big of a burden, everything had to be finished at the right time, the size of the posts meant that they were basically unreadable, and I was confused about how to handle books the I was reading across several months. I was moving some half written notes about Anais Nin's diary from month to month starting from January, until I gave up.

So I'm gonna change my approach, and just write about things I read as I finish them. I also want to be a lot more relaxed about what I put on this blog generally. I want it to be scrappier, and shorter. This will hopefully mean I write more, which in turn will hopefully mean I write better.