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  • What I'm reading January 2021

    This year I plan to read more, and to absorb more of what I do read. To this end I am going to write a little about what I've been reading each month. Here's January

  • Local development with DynamoDB and JavaScript

    I was interested in learning how use DynamoDB, but didn't want to set it up on AWS personally because I'm lazy, and scared of accidentally getting billed for 10,000 euros.

  • How to fix the web

    This blogpost is going to teach you how to drastically improve your experience of browsing the internet.

  • Tries company

    Once upon a time (five months ago) I was doing a phone screening for a tech job. To my horror, I was asked to name a Tree that wasn't a binary search Tree. Being a complete philistine, I had no answer. I was rejected on the spot. From that day on I have made it my mission to learn about every variation of a Tree that can be implemented with a small amount of effort in Haskell.