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  • Rendering Go problems on the blog

    I'm currently learning to play Go/baduk, and I thought that it would be nice to include sections of a Go board on this website. I didn't really want to do it through taking screenshots of OGS. Additionally, as a Vim user, I was determined that I shouldn't have to use a mouse or GUI to share go problems. Instead I've made a Vue component that lets me type a Go board into my markdown files.

  • What I'm reading February 2021

    I was put onto this short book by 'The Longing for Less' which I read last month. It is an exposition of traditional Japanese aesthetics, and the loss of these aesthetics due to modern electric lights, heating, glass windows, etc. The book talks about experiences which probably no longer exist, and which are by their nature too ephemeral to have been effectively recorded, other than in prose.

  • What I'm reading January 2021

    This year I plan to read more, and to absorb more of what I do read. To this end I am going to write a little about what I've been reading each month. Here's January

  • Local development with DynamoDB and JavaScript

    I was interested in learning how use DynamoDB, but didn't want to set it up on AWS personally because I'm lazy, and scared of accidentally getting billed for 10,000 euros.

  • How to fix the web

    This blogpost is going to teach you how to drastically improve your experience of browsing the internet.

  • Tries company

    Once upon a time (five months ago) I was doing a phone screening for a tech job. To my horror, I was asked to name a Tree that wasn't a binary search Tree. Being a complete philistine, I had no answer. I was rejected on the spot. From that day on I have made it my mission to learn about every variation of a Tree that can be implemented with a small amount of effort in Haskell.